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Male abuse

Male abuse

Domestic abuse can be experienced by any gender in any relationship. Male abuse is more common than most people think, with 1 in 6 – 7 men experiencing a form of domestic abuse in their lifetime. A man may experience abuse or violence from a partner, an ex-partner or family member, and the perpetrator may be female or male.

Men can experience all forms of abuse and violence, including but not limited to physical abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour, psychological abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse. There are more barriers to seeking support for male survivors, including an underlying stigma that men who admit abuse are seen as weak. Survivors may also fear not being believed or may worry that they will lose access to their children if they report violence against a partner.

The ADAM Project in Leicestershire is a dedicated support service for male victims with staff specially trained in aspects unique to male survivors. Support is tailored to each individual and includes practical and emotional support, which is free and confidential. Visit the ADAM Project website to find out more: http://www.adam-project.org.uk

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Questions & Answers

Yes. Anyone can experience domestic abuse – it can happen in all kinds of relationships regardless of gender. A man may experience abuse and violence from a female or a male, in an intimate partner relationship or family relationship.

Yes. forced marriage is a marriage in which one or both spouses do not consent to it. This is an abuse of human rights.

There are a number of factors in why men may leave it longer before seeking support for domestic abuse or why they may not seek support at all. It could be down to a fear of not being believed, a stigma around being seen as weak, or fear of losing access to children. Specialist support services for male survivors of domestic abuse, such as the ADAM Project in Leicestershire, offer tailored, confidential support from staff who understand the factors that are unique to male victims.

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